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Pricing Policy

As most of our clients know we strive to provide excellent service at a fair and reasonable price.  We have successfully done this for almost 20 years.   We will continue to offer affordable services for our clients for many years to come.  We have had to make some changes to our pricing structure for this upcoming tax season and moving forward.  Because of an increased demand for the services of myself and Rosemary we are unable to meet the client demand for appointments and still provide the service our clients are used to.  With that being said what we have decided to do is to increase only the fees for myself and Rosemary’s services.  The new pricing will set our minimum fee at $150 and has a roughly $25 increase across the board to all the tax preparation fees if either of us prepare your tax return. 

We are offering a couple of ways to save some money on your preparation if you choose to utilize those options.   They are:

  1. Any returns that are drop offs for either Keith or Rose will pay the lower price and still be done by the requested Preparer

  1. Any return prepared by any one of our other qualified staff in the office will also be charged the lower price. 

We have tried to come up with the best possible way to handle this situation and we continue to come to the same solution being best.

We appreciate your understanding and hope that KD Financial Services will continue to be the office you choose to file your taxes for this year and many years to come.