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Our decision to become affiliated with H&R Block a while back was a fairly easy one to make.  Although we have built a successful business with great clients and friends over the years, the tax preparation business has changed drastically over the past couple of years.   It is becoming increasingly hard for independent tax offices to continue to grow and in some instances maintain their market positions because of these changes.

In order to maintain our market share and to increase the number of clients we can assist, affiliating with a national brand was the most logical step for us to take.   This affiliation allows us to maintain our current way of doing business, using the same tax pros you have come to know over the years, while providing new products that our clients could benefit from, and a level of protection against market forces that are out of our control.   Increased regulation from the IRS related to the Earned Income Tax Credit,  the increased cost of educating tax professionals each year, along with the increased IRS audits of clients nationwide are just a few of the things we are up against. 

What this association means to you:

This year our clients will see a new logo being transitioned in, some new signs, and your tax returns will appear a little different due to different software.   You will have access to the H&R Block family of products like Peace of Mind for additional audit coverage, My Block Account which allows you to download copies of prior year tax returns among other things, Emerald Advance pre season loan product, Lower cost Pay from your refund options,   our website will be getting a facelift to integrate the new logo and colors, and possibly some client satisfaction surveys via email or on the telephone (all 5's would be great  LOL).  That is about it for this year.  

Next year you may see a change to the appointment center, and some more signage reflecting H&R Block,  some new email addresses for our staff, but not much else.

We maintain complete authority to set fees for our services and in no way will you see a dramatic way in how we handle this. Our fees have been increased this year which is explained on our Price List, and will not be increased for at least 2 years, that I guarantee.

The important part is that our office is still an independently operated tax office with the ability to help you however we can.    This merely provides us an easier way to accomplish it.  All of our staff from last year is returning at our main location, and we have added additional experienced  staff on a full time basis to assist our clients.

With this association we are looking forward to maintaining our long standing relationships with our clients and being able to continue to provide them the same affordable tax preparation service for many years to come.