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Peace Of Mind®
Extended Service Plan

No matter how complex your tax situation, with our extended service plan, you receive three years’ protection and audit representation.

File Your Taxes With Confidence

No one wants any unpleasant surprises after filing. For $40 you receive Audit Assistance PLUS Audit Representation (a $500+ value) and your return will be protected for 3 years. We’ll pay up to $6,000 in additional taxes owed due to our error.

How It Works

  • Just let your tax professional know that you want the Peace of Mind Extended Service Plan and pay the additional charge when you pay for your tax preparation.
  • If you are audited, a qualified H&R Block enrolled agent will accompany or represent you (with Power of Attorney95). If you owe additional taxes due to our error in the preparation of your return, we'll pay up to $6,000. See Peace of Mind® Claims for more details. The Peace of Mind® Extended Service Plan is provided at no additional charge in our Premium offices.
    Read our Peace of Mind® Extended Service Plan Terms & Conditions for more details.